We partner with municipalities of all sizes to adopt transformational smart infrastructure

Enrich the quality of life for all residents

-  Promote economic growth

-  Improve the community’s welfare and safety

-  Remove legacy barriers to cost-effective
   deployment of advanced and innovative

Smart Cities – Smart Solutions

P3 (Public/Private/Partnership – All or Partial Funding
Tech Upgrades – On-going Services and Monetization

True Smart/Intelligent communications networks and the internet of things (IoT)

enable connectivity across cities, towns and villages as well as multiple sectors,

assets and citizens. Working with community leaders, citizens, agencies and

other vendors, Waterleaf helps to increase the quality of life and resources for

your community by enabling new smart applications, reducing energy usage,

providing broadband to the under-connected, and making communities safer

and more accessible.

We design, build, finance, maintain and operate the critical infrastructure from fiber to smart buildings and roadways. We enable the IoT to bring to life smart kiosks, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), sensors, cameras, traffic control and more. Utilizing energy efficient buildings, smart transportation planning, we work with town/city/village/state/community leaders to plan, design, and implement scalable, integrated solutions.

We offer complete funding for approved projects so that citizens tax dollars are not utilized and truly partner with your community to offer ongoing technology advances over the life of the smart community.

Dynamic Smart Solutions Include:

  • Gigabit broadband with FTTX for residential/enterprise/commercial/municipal
  • Connected schools/homes/healthcare and citizens
  • Smart Street Lighting / Neutral Host
  • Private LTE/5G – CBRS for secure, community owned next generation voice and data
  • Municipal wireless services – WiFi (for first responders/municipalities) LoRa, AMR/AMI
  • Smart sensors: pollution, weather, public safety, gun shot awareness/tracking and response
  • Intelligent lighting/parking/roadway solutions
  • Advanced transportation solutions including AI/ML integration
  • Carbon footprint reduction and sequestration
  • Charging points for Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles as well as traffic management
  • Intelligent/Smart buildings / safety / security / occupancy

Engineers & Scientists