RF Engineering has a wide range of definitions, process and a deep range of functionality, complexity and ultimately a variant return on investment.

Waterleaf International LLC focuses on network performance, reliability and conformance with industry standards.  Our engineers range in experience from our junior staff having a minimum of a BSEE and significant certifications in test process including experience of 3-12 years and our industry experts and veterans with MSEE/SCE as well as PhD’s in engineering, physics and mathematics spanning 30 years of real world experience.

Lab and Desk Top R&D and Engineering Services:
With both laboratory facilities that include test chambers, antenna-tuning and design capabilities, as well as custom test equipment we bring to bear the scientific disciplines of physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering disciplines in order to meet and exceed our client requirements.

Tower RF Measurement and surveys:
For the owners and lessors of broadcast towers as well as for collocation of equipment on congested cell sites and rooftops the ability to understand the total RF environment in terms of safety for human exposure limits to performance within a potential interfering environment is critical.

Using a variety of tools and safety equipment that enables our engineers to analyze the environment, record on site and at height all RF radiation we consistently provide the type of reporting, analysis and recommendations to optimize the transmit and receive environments.

Within the scope of this work is also AM detuning, AM path analysis and propagation reporting.  FM/TV broadcast analysis, measurement and propagation studies.  RF exposure testing, expert witness proceedings and independent laboratory/field measurements for private and public use.

Line Sweep Testing
Bench level component testing
Hot Swap and repair capabilities
RF field and path surveys
PathLoss Profiles

Desktop analysis – Field surveys:Waterleaf performs pathloss profiles/RF design criteria for Microwave (MW), macro cell deployments – LTE/PCS as well as for complex WiFi (in building coverage) and private data links including Free Space Optics and Millimeter Wave deployments.  Our field surveys include detailed technical measurements and observations using state of the art equipment for antenna heights, appurtenances, existing and potential cell site details as well as potential interference obstacles.  This provides detailed mapping and analysis that enables link and network optimization and surpasses industry standards.

Linked to our A&E and site survey teams this cross functional capability allows Waterleaf to perform such analysis and surveys in all 50 states as well as in western Europe, SE Asia, Canada and Mexico.   

RF Engineering & Management

Engineers & Scientists